Community Canvass Guide

Community canvassing is talking to people we don’t know - on the bus, at the grocery store, or on a street corner about the grassroots movement to elect Bernie and transform our country.

You can choose to host a community canvass event through the events page and invite your friends, neighbors, or family to join you. Click here to read a guide on how to host a community canvass.

Or you can just canvass your community on your own and talk to the people around you!

Step 1: Talk to people around you, or at your canvass location, and ask “Are you planning to vote in 2020?”

Step 2: If they say yes they are planning on voting, tell them you’re a volunteer with Bernie 2020, and ask if they are willing to share their thoughts on the presidential election. A longer convo is more powerful, but somebody might just give a few short answers. Don’t forget to smile!

Step 3: Make sure to look them up and match them, if possible. Walk through the questions with the voter and, if it’s easier, you can hand them your phone. Don’t forget to answer all the questions!

Step 4: Thank them for their time and submit the form!